Our Mission

Our Mission

We make beautiful, functional handbags and accessories that make a big impact on your wardrobe and a minimum impact on the world.

All of our products are made by hand, made to last and made for women who have their own unique sense of style. 

Our Values


bell&fox designs are investment pieces, not fast fashion. They are all carefully handmade, by skilled artisans, using premium leathers and materials. By creating high-quality bags and accessories, you can enjoy your purchase for many years to come. Better for your wallet and better for the environment.



Beautiful designs that last

Our customers don’t follow trends; they have their own individual sense of style, which is reflected in the leather handbags and accessories we design. 

We take inspiration from vintage silhouettes, which we combine with a contemporary aesthetic and a dash of British spirit, to create distinctive collections that stand the test of time.

Ethically sourced and produced

We are as passionate about sustainable production as we are about good quality and design. Our factories are regularly audited on their ethical and social responsibilities, which ensures a safe working environment, and that all employees are treated with respect and paid a fair wage for their incredible craftsmanship.

Our leather is a by-product of the food industry and all of our tanneries comply with REACH industry standards, which protects both human health and the environment, in terms of the chemicals used in the tanning process. 

We also make smaller pieces – such as purses, card holders and keyrings – to ensure minimal waste. Read here about our Sustainability.


bell&fox bags work as hard as you, to make your life a little easier – and a lot better looking. 

All our leather handbags feature internal and/or external pockets, for easy organisation, and many are multi-functional, being able to be worn in different ways, or sized to be used as a pouch for your latest tech gadgets.

Great price

We don’t cut corners on our products, but we do cut out the middle man (or woman) on the high street. By dealing direct with our factories, we can make the luxury bags you love, at an affordable price. And thanks to their enduring quality and timeless design, you can use them for many seasons to come, to get maximum value out of each and every wear.